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The difference between the main political ideologies lies in the human potential! (the Bulgarian case)

I prefer to judge these two forms of social organization and development through man and his nature; and not on camps; the level of national income; the level of national indebtedness; the cult of the personality. In this sense, every individual has a threshold of opportunity – call it the potential for development. Everyone strives to reach this threshold during their lives. Everyone pursues this goal. But to be able to pursue our goal, we need to be free – in our thoughts and actions. True capitalism gives precisely this freedom, through which each person can realize himself – the potential set by the nature (the Lord) in it. Communism is the opposite. No matter what you are born, you have to equate with an average understanding of potential (for a successful person). And this concept is centralized. As the centrally planned economy is harnessed in the practical realization of this concept.

Unfortunately, there is no particular difference (in Bulgaria at present) between capitalism now and Communism before. It is as if, according to historical and social inertia in Bulgaria, many employers do not really give what the employee / worker has produced. With this „nationalized“ profit from the labor capital (including the fruits of the physical but also the intellectual potential) of its enterprise, the preemptive prefers to buy a powerful and fast car, property on the Mediterranean, diamonds for the mistress, and so on. In fact, by taking away workers from their work, their ability to develop their potential (given by nature) is eliminated. First, the financial, and hence the original freedom to realize ourselves is taken away.

What’s more, it takes the next generation’s freedom to become what he has been planned by Lord.

Paradoxically, against the backdrop of the democratic transition today, BG Communism and BG Capitalism are the same as they continue to tell us that we must be equal to others, and the true capitalism we should strive for – that we can be equal to others. In fact, we can always be lower than others, but if we ask and believe it is right. If I have realized and received more than others, through social initiatives and activities, I can help others around me become like me, and why not higher than me. But that’s because I’ve solved it myself.

Voluntarily. Fortunately, I had the financial and personal freedom to aware and realize (fighting for it).

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