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„If there is no God, everything is allowed,“ says Dostoevsky!

If we think, we will see that the genius Russian has seen many years ahead. How much technology and philosophy interweave in this statement?

If technology is developed to such an extent that a person becomes immortal in the future, then there will formally be no killings. Until this moment – to make no killings – today we are only lean on personal and public morality. I.e. the technological boom is a premise that morality as a human belief and value will drop and be replaced by technological value (a new „technological“ morality). Gradually technologically moral people will populate the Earth at a time when technology is getting enough. Then there will be no need for human morality. The concept will be wiped out.

So we come to Dostoevsky – if there is no God, i.e. there are immortal people (like God Himself), then “everything is allowed” because they can not be injured – there are no murders – no death – no crime – no punishment – no ban!!!

And how are we going to become immortal – probably this will be the first on the genetic level. Before we are born, we will be programmed not to get sick. Then there will be medicines for the most dangerous diseases. Finally, even if there are serious injuries and damages caused by people to humans, artificial organs can be created (and they have already begun to grab heads!).

By emphasizing this, not only will household / personal killings, but also corporate ones, be reduced. Corporations will no longer “be able to” pollute the atmosphere. Food and chemical products will be produced without problems – GMOs, fats, sugar, plastics, etc.
The bio-food and the healthy lifestyle model will gradually disappear. In fact, it is science that is what will lead to the end of the earth … making the people immortal. From a purely ecological and demographic perspective, the planet will go away quickly. As fast as technology can evolve? But that does not mean that the man will follow her.

From a philosophical point of view, people will become immoral – such currents as communism, utilitarianism and liberalism (in their current form) will drop out. Religions will go away because they will not fulfill their purposes. No one will be responsible for anything. No one will be able to hurt anyone anymore. Everyone will be free to „hurt“ others (to take away the freedom of others). And no one will suffer so much. Everything will be allowed! I.e. God will go…!

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